Altar and Rosary Society’s By-Laws

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Article 1: NAME: The organization shall be known as Altar and Rosary Society of St. Patrick’s

Article 2: PATRONESS The patroness shall be the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Good Counsel

Article 3: MISSION The mission of the Altar and Rosary Society of St. Patrick’s is to enhance the spiritual growth of the parishioners by demonstrating care of the altar and the church environment and by promoting the praying of the rosary.



1. Membership is open to all females of St. Patrick’s parish, including those who have received the sacrament of Confirmation.
2. Women over 80 years of age are honorary members and are no longer required to pay dues.
3. Attendance at monthly meetings is encouraged to be a member in good standing.

B. YEAR: The membership year begins in September and ends in August.

1. Members have the right to nominate themselves or others for a position on the Governing Board.
2. Each member has one vote when business is transacted.
3. All members are encouraged to take a role on the Governing Board at some time.
4. A Mass will be said in the memory of a deceased member on her birthday following her death.
5. A Rosary will be said by the membership for the deceased member at the next meeting.


1. Dues are $20 per household.
2. Dues are payable by October 1 to the Finance Chair.
3. Dues are payable at the time someone joins.
4. Dues are used to pay for the activities that support the organization.
5. No one will be denied membership due to financial hardship.

E. AFFILIATIONS: The Society will continue to affiliate with the Diocesan Council of Catholic Women (DCCW) and the National Council of
Catholic Women (NCCW).

Article 5: MEETINGS

A. FREQUENCY: Monthly general meetings are to be held September through May, excluding the month of December. The Governing Board will determine the date and time of the meetings for the current year; this calendar will be published and posted on the website,
B. VOTING: To transact business, there shall be a simple majority of voting members present at a regular or special meeting, including at least two officers and two chairpersons.


A. The Governing Board and their associated duties are as follows:

1. Officers:


Officiates at monthly business meetings, governing board meetings, and any special meetings;
Prepares the agendas for all meetings
Is the Chair of the Nominating Committee for the upcoming Governing Board, as her term as President comes to an end
Is the spokesperson for the organization
Promotes to the position of Immediate Past President when her one-year term ends


Officiates at meetings in the absence of the President;
Chairs the Program Committee, which arranges for speakers and events and creates a Society calendar of meetings and events for the year.
Promotes to the President for the next term when her one-year term ends, or should the President become incapacitated or resigns


Records the minutes of all meetings and publishes the minutes in print and on the Society portion of the Parish website
Serves as corresponding secretary
Serves for a one-year term


Serves as an advisor to the Board for a one-year term
Supervises the election of officers and chairpersons and the discernment process for selecting specific positions on the Governing Board
Conducts the Installation Ceremony for the new governing board in May

2. Chairpersons (each has a one-year term)

a. Finance Chair/Membership

Documents expenditures and requests payments from the Church Business Manager
Prepares a budget for the upcoming year and gains approval from the Governing Board and the Church
Business Manager
In coordination with the Church Business Manager, prepares monthly financial reports with income/expenditures and at least quarterly a comparison of actual vs. budget.
Chairs the Membership committee, which is responsible for collecting the dues, growing the membership and maintaining a current list of active members and member information (phone numbers, e-mail addresses, birthdates, etc.)

b. Hospitality Chair

Serves as hostess for monthly meetings and special Society events.
Chairs the Hospitality Committee, which is responsible for acquiring refreshments for the meetings and welcoming program speakers.

c. Publicity/Public Relations Chair

Communicates and promotes the Society and its meetings, activities and events through various channels.
Chairs the Publicity/Public Relations Committee, which is responsible for maintaining the Society portion of the parish website; publicizing the upcoming meetings, speakers, and events in the bulletin and on the
website and by other means, as appropriate; and assists the secretary with publishing the minutes of all meetings.
Takes photos of Society events and maintains historical records of the Society.

d. Rosary Chair

Chairs the Rosary Committee, which is responsible for leading the Rosary prior to all meetings and the innovative promotion of the praying of the rosary to the parish community.
Provides educational programs , especially during October, which is Rosary Month, and May, the Month devoted to Mothers and especially Mary.
Supervises and promotes May Crowning.

e. Altar Chair

Chairs the Altar Committee, which is responsible:

  • to care for the altar linens, vessels, and candles;
  • to provide an attractive decor for the altar and the church;
  • to maintain the vestments and altar servers garments.

Receives advice/training from Pastor and prior Altar Chairs


He will be the pastor or a deacon who is appointed by the pastor.
He may attend Governing Board meetings and Society meetings.
The Spiritual Director has one vote.
His term is ongoing until reappointment by the pastor.

B. The Governing Board will be selected by a combination of an election (voting) and a discernment process.


a. In February of each year, A nominating committee, chaired by the current President, will be appointed to acquire 15 or more candidates for the upcoming Governing Board. Members of the Society in good standing may be nominated. Any member may nominate herself or make a nomination to the nominating committee.

b. In March, the Nominating Committee will present the slate of candidates to the Governing Board for approval.

c. In April, the candidates will be presented to the Society at their regular meeting.

d. In April, the election will take place among the members and the Governing Board members will be announced.

The Immediate Past President will preside over the election process to determine the most efficient method of voting, so every member has the opportunity to vote, ie. homebound members.
The ballot will identify the candidates and the number of selections to make.

During the first week of May, the Immediate Past President will conduct a discernment process, including prayer, reflection, and discussion to discern which role is most suitable for each member of the upcoming Governing Board. In the event of a vacancy or indecisions, the Immediate Past President will make an appointment based on her assessment and the election results.

NOTE: Officers may not serve consecutive terms in the same office.

A Chairperson can only serve in the same position two consecutive terms.

The Immediate Past President will conduct the installation of the incoming Governing Board members at the regular May meeting.

The Past President will honor and give recognition and appreciation to the outgoing board members.
The Spiritual Director or his appointee will honor the Past President for her Leadership.

Article 7: AMENDING THE BY-LAWS The By-Laws may be amended by a simple majority of the members present at either a regular or special meeting. A notice of such meeting must be made at least one month prior to the meeting in which the By-law changes will be voted upon. It will be announced in the bulletin and in the Society portion of the parish website. The intended By-Law changes must be stated in writing in the announcements.

Article 8: Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised shall be the authority of parliamentary procedures. A Parliamentarian may be appointed by the president, if requested by one or more Society members.