Altar Server

Being an altar server is a great honor and responsibility. Altar Servers assist the priest before and during the Mass; namely at the entrance procession, Liturgy of the Word, Liturgy of the Eucharist, and, finally, the closing processions. These tasks include holding the candles and processional cross, ringing the bells, preparing the altar, and holding the Missal.


  • Must have received First Holy Communion.
  • Should know how to genuflect correctly.
  • Should know how to make the sign of the Cross.
  • Can be male or female, young or old.

How to Become an Altar Server

No formal trainings are scheduled; just call the pastor (323-1484) or speak with him after Mass to arrange a time.  Training takes an hour.

General Guidelines

  • Arrive 20 minutes early to get dressed.  Choose an alb that fits you, coming down to the top of your shoes.  Wear also a cross around the neck.
  • Remove any gum or candy. (Note: You may not receive Holy Communion if you have consumed anything other than water one hour before Eucharist.)
  • If you have long hair, wear it back.   Because altar servers carry candles, we don’t want hair to catch on fire.
  • The follow is considered inappropriate.
    • no bright colored shoes      (Calls undue attention to oneself.)
    • no Crocks
    • no flip flops                         (These are for the beach or shower, not Mass.)
    • no fancy flip flops               (Fancy or not, they are still flip flops.)
    • no heels
    • no long ear rings                 (Calls undue attention to oneself.)
    • no shorts                             (Shorts are not appropriate for anyone ministering at Mass; yes, even if covered in an alb.)
    • no t-shirts
    • no sleeves cut off
    • etc..

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