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St. Patrick Catholic Church Faith Formation

This year our Faith Formation Program, 1st grade through 8th grade, will look a little different than in previous years.  Because of COVID-19 and the challenges it continues to pose, all of our Faith Formation and sacramental preparation classes will be held at St. Patrick Church. No classes will take place at St. Albert School this year.

In order to maintain safe distancing and other safety protocols, only certain grade levels will attend each Wednesday. Each grade level will have an in-person class each month with supplemental materials provided to them to be completed at home throughout the month. A Faith Formation website will provide access to all class materials as well as a wealth of supplemental content designed for the whole family, including informative and inspiring articles, podcasts and video presentations from nationally known Catholic speakers for even the adults in the household.

Our high school program will remain mostly the same as previous years with each grade level meeting twice per month, most months. Other requirements, including retreats, and 4thSunday events are also on the calendar for our high school youth.

Please know that every child’s well-being, health and safety remain our biggest priorities. We are prepared to alter our classes and formats in any way necessary to meet each child’s needs, adjust to possible COVID-19 restrictions and yet still deliver religious education opportunities that foster learning and growth in one’s faith. We are all called especially this year to remain flexible and yet faithful to the plan that God has for each one of us.

Below are a series of links that lead to all the information necessary for enrolling youth in our faith formation program as well as our sacramental preparation programs, namely for First Reconciliation, First Communion and Confirmation. Please Note: Your child, even if they are enrolled at a parochial school, must register in our program if they will be receiving a sacrament this year.

In addition, families are encouraged to review and download a copy of the Faith Formation Family Handbook which answers most questions parents and guardians will have as well as outlines behavioral expectations and other policies and procedures. In addition, households should review the COVID-19 Preparedness Plan before the start of classes.

2020-2021 Helpful Links:

Registration Form (PDF)

Faith Formation Handbook

COVID-19 Preparedness Plan (PDF)

Family Faith Formation Volunteer Opportunities (PDF)

2020-2021 Faith Formation Calendar, Grades 1-8 (PDF)

2020-2021 First Reconciliation/First Communion Calendar (PDF)

2020-2021Faith Formation/Confirmation Calendar, Grade 9

2020-2021Faith Formation/Confirmation Calendar, Grade 10

2020-2021 Confirmation Handbook for 2nd Year Candidates (PDF)

Fall 2020 4thSunday Youth Ministry Calendar (PDF)

NEW! Faith Formation Website (for every household)

Family Faith Formation Coordinator
Jill Faust
Phone: 712-323-1484