Holy Matrimony

Holy Matrimony, marriage, is sometimes called “the primordial sacrament.” It means even before the creation of the Church by Jesus Christ, God created man and woman in such a way as to reflect the inner dynamic life of the Blessed Trinity.

Their very bodies reinforce the dynamic of what it means to be human. We are meant to be a gift to each other.

White Roses and Rings for Holy Matrimony

The union of man and women in the context of marital conjugal love manifests the unique inner dynamic of being given to each other. Man was made for woman; woman was made for man.

This marital conjugal love is meant to be given freely, totally, faithfully, and fruitfully. Fruitfulness refers to children and faith in God. The martial conjugal act is to be always open to life, not purposely rendered sterile, and the husband and wife vow to raise any potential children to know and love God.

What is required for Marriage Preparation?
  1. Please contact the parish office to begin the process. She will take your basic contact information and find you a Sponsor Couple.
  2. Six months notice to the parish is required by the diocese. This is so that engaged couples and parishes have enough time to complete marriage preparation before the wedding day.
  3. Couples will:
    • Be registered in the parish where they will be living
    • Attend a Saturday workshop with Fr. Glen (see below for workshop details)
    • Complete the FOCUS questionnaire
    • Meet 2-5 times with a Sponsor Couple to discuss the results of the questionnaire and any other items
    • Attend an Introductory Session on Natural Family Planning at the FertilityCare Center of Omaha
    • Complete the necessary requirements of the presiding pastor and pastor that is completing the marriage paperwork

Depending on the circumstances and life experience of engaged couples, the pastor always reserves the right of catering the marriage preparation to the couple’s needs.

Ideally, couples should do Marriage Preparation in the city and parish where they will be living and attending as a family.

When are the next Marriage Workshops?

Make sure to call the parish office to RSVP for the workshop. Cost as of 03/16/2016 is $100 per couple. The next three marriage prep workshops at the parish hall of St. Patrick Catholic Church in Council Bluffs are 8:30am – 3:00pm with lunch and material provided:

Scheduled Dates

  • Saturday after St. Valentine’s Day
  • 1st Saturday of May
  • 1st Saturday of August

The workshops touch upon but do not go into the particulars of Natural Family Planning (NFP) or faithful parenting. Those specifics are handled, respectively, via an introductory session on NFP by FertilityCare Center of Omaha and Sponsor Couple sessions.

Wedding Ceremony

View the special Wedding Ceremony page for more information.

Catholic ceremonies must take place in a church.

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