Mission of 72

Originating in 2001 as an outreach ministry, the “Mission of the 72” is named for the 72 disciples that Jesus sent forth to spread the Good News and minister to the poor and disadvantaged. Its mission statement is as follows: “to serve those who are without emotional or spiritual support; those who are elderly, handicapped, homebound; and those who may be ill or those experiencing grief by ministering to them through home visitation, phone calls, or cards.”

The Mission of the 72 welcomes our new parishioners with a gift bag consisting of a couple edible items, a stewardship survey, and a welcome note.  New members aren’t the only ones receiving notes, congratulatory cards are sent to newly married couples, those receiving any of the sacraments for the first time, and high school graduates. Get well cards are sent to any parishioners known to be ill and Christmas & Easter baskets are sent to our homebound parishioners.  A lot of miscellaneous ministry items that aren’t covered elsewhere are performed by this wonderful group.

The Mission of the 72 is also involved with Bereavement Ministry and Parish Nursing.

Contact Margie Graeve for more information on this excellent ministry at 712-323-3582.