Pastor’s Insights

Dear Friends in Christ,

Faith, Family and Community. These themes embody what is best about our parish community here at St. Patrick’s.

Our faith unites us in the common bond of the Body of Christ – The Church, especially through the sacramental life. For over 80 years, the parish celebration of the Eucharist has drawn us together in the Lord – to give God praise and to be nourished by His presence in community, Word and Sacrament for the work of discipleship. It remains at the heart of who we are as a people.

Through Baptism, we are made anew in Christ. We are intimately tied to the person of Jesus Christ and to one another in this great family of faith. As one family in this communion of saints, we strive to plant the seeds of faith, to help them take root, and to nourish their growth into active discipleship.

The many gifts of the Holy Spirit empower us as a parish community of faith to serve God and one another in self-giving love. We seek to be an instrument of healing, charity, reconciliation, justice and spiritual renewal for others. Most importantly, our parish community does not exist for its own self welfare; it is but a means to proclaim the message of the Good News of Jesus Christ within our homes, work situations, neighborhoods and the broader community.

Every member of our parish community remains a unique piece of a beautiful mosaic of faith. The loss or absence of any one member diminishes the whole. We remain the eyes, the ears, the hands and the heart of Christ for the world. This website offers a snapshot of how we are part of the Body of Christ, bound together in faith, nurtured and cared for as a family, and called forth in community to bring the flame of God’s transforming love into the world.

May this website serve as a welcome and renewed effort to help us come closer together as one faithful family community in Jesus Christ so that, in the words of St. Patrick,

Christ before us, Christ behind us, Christ in us, Christ in the heart of every one who thinks of us, Christ in the mouth of every one who speaks of us, Christ in the eye of every one who sees us.

In Christ’s Peace,

Rev. Glen Wilwerding

Article from January 10, 2013 of the Daily Nonpareil – No longer on their site

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