Religious Education

Religious Education sessions run from October through May at St. Albert School. They are available for all grades with Confirmation Preparation in 10th grade.

Registration Information

Contact Information

Faith Formation Coordinator
LuAnn Baumker
Phone: 712-323-1484

Classes Faith Formation classes are held from mid-September through April, Classes are held on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 – 7:30 PM at St. Albert School, 400 Gleason Ave., Council Bluffs. High school classes are occasionally held at another site or another day but you will be informed ahead of time. If your child is preparing for a sacrament, there are additional classes for the student and parents. You will receive a separate mailing with those dates. If you do not receive it contact your parish office. If St. Albert School is closed during the day or dismisses early due to bad weather, there will be no faith formation classes that evening. If the weather turns bad after 4:00 pm, catechists will call parents to let them know of any cancellation. Cancellations will be listed in KETV Channel 7. If you are unsure whether we have canceled classes, call your parish or the Director.

Sacramental Preparation

Both 1st Holy Communion and Confirmation are two-year programs.  To receive 1st Holy Communion, children are required to attend two years of Religious Education; 1st grade and 2nd grade.  To receive Confirmation, students are to attend their freshman and sophomore years.

Reconciliation (Confession) and First Eucharist (First Communion) are celebrated in 2nd grade. You will receive a separate mailing explaining the preparation process and a meeting date for your particular parish. If you have an older child who has not celebrated Reconciliation or First Communion, please contact your parish so that preparation can begin.

Confirmation begins as a freshman but is received in the student’s sophomore year (10th grade). You will be getting information on the classes from our high school coordinator. If you do not get the information, please contact your parish. If your child needs a sacrament out of sequence, please contact the parish.


Catechists (teachers) in our faith formation process are adult members of our parish who volunteer their time to teach the tenets of Catholicism and share our faith traditions with the young people of our parishes. High school students, too, may serve as assistants at the discretion of the Director. Each classroom will have at least two catechists. If two catechists are not present and a sub cannot be found then the catechist will teach with the classroom door open. All catechists receive training, have taken the Virtus course and meet all diocesan requirements. Catechists receive a $25.00 discount for their children in the program.


A registration fee for the 2019-2020 R.E. year is $110 per student with a maximum of $235 per family is charged to defray program costs of roughly $35,000 a year. This fee is can be paid in payments; however, no child will be turned away for financial reasons. If you are a catechist in the program, the fee for your children is reduced to $85.00 per child. All children must be registered by the deadline stated in the registration packet or be charged a $15.00 late fee and not attend the first night of class.

Discipline Procedure

In order to provide an environment that promotes maximum learning, good discipline is a necessity. When discipline problems arise catechists are encouraged to talk with the child’s guardian to come up with a solution. The Director will try to help and encourage with suggestions. If disruptive behavior continues, a student can totally forfeit their right to participate in the program and parents will be contacted to come and pick up their child. Parents may be asked to attend class with their child if the inappropriate behavior persists. (This decision will be made at the discretion of the Director.)


Parents assume responsibility for supervision and transportation to and from faith formation classes, including immediately following dismissal. The door in front of the St. Albert statue is the only door to be unlocked during class times. This is for the safety of your child. If your child is in Pre-K, Kindergarten or 1st grade you will need to pick them up from their classroom when the class is over.