In the third century, the role of usher, known as porter, was to guard the church doors against intruders.  Today, ushers perform quite a different role and are the first to greet Mass attendees.

Ushers are asked to arrive 20 minutes prior to Mass time dressed in business casual. They welcome parishoners and visitors at the church entrance ways, assisting them with finding a seat, paying particular attention to those with special needs.

During Mass, ushers sit toward the back of the church, participating fully in the service. Ushers should ask late arrivers to wait during readings and the priest’s homily before being seated. They are also responsible for managing the collection baskets. During Holy Communion, they direct attendees row by row to the proper Eucharistic minister.

After Mass, ushers distribute the weekly bulletin at the church exit. They, also, field any questions from visitors.

For information on becoming an usher, please contact the Parish Office.